Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lots To Say

There are times when you give up.  When you feel like you've had enough and don't think you can go on.  There are moments when you're positive it doesn't get worse, that no one else has ever felt this way and that it happens to only you.  You wonder what if life were different, if you did something to deserve what is going on and if something brilliant could change it all now.  Then there are moments you remember pride never saved a life, crying often releases the sadness and it could actually be far worse than it is.  You begin to let the sun in again and realize what is actually important and there truly is a reason for your life, as it is and who you have become.

Today, I am grateful for my parents who when I was growing up, didn't think Jordache jeans were a necessity.  I'm grateful for a sister who was so concerned about my health she was afraid to tell me my outfit didn't match (we were in grade school).  I am grateful for a grandmother who lived to be 98 and died knowing how loved she was, but it was time for her to go "home".  I am grateful for a love that came around a second time--giving me a chance for something I never imagined could ever be so perfect. I am grateful for friendships that remain patient and supportive--who understand even the moments when I am impossible. I am grateful for a tiny life that lasted nine months, that taught me things can change in an instant.  I am grateful for my cancer, as it is a constant reminder miracles exist, statistics don't mean everything and attitude is more then half the battle.

A good friend of mine sent me this link.  The video is about 12 minutes.  It's heart warming and heart breaking in a sense.  Grab some tissues and watch it and then make sure you pass it on.

I'm not perfect.  I don't always get "it"...the first time, second or even third.  I try, but I am still learning and I don't regret that one bit!


Before I tuck in--MN and Pamela, we did have heart shaped hamburgers!!!!!!!!!!!

I love y'all.  Count your blessings.  Good Night.


Please say prayers for: Dawn Brown*Sherry and family*Chris Read *Nathan *Cassie and family*Ms Dawn *Cathy's dad, Bill and her mom, Pam*Lisa and her family *Ms Bobby * Mr. Russo*Ms Pammy *Cindy*Tammy*Momma Joyce*MsMargie*Krissy's husband,John*Trish*Sugar*Mr. Carey and his wife, Irene*Jay Carey and his family.*Frances and her son, Matthew. 

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jasonzavoda said...

Miracles are brilliant. Just letting the sun back into your life is a miracle. I think just enduring is a miracle, living the everyday. You are a miracle, just ask the people who care about you. I think we forget that , I know I do, I know that today I was down, sick, I've been sick for a few months now and it wears me down, and the pain was bad (for me it is the dying nerves in my feet and hands) and the loss of some people I love, but your posts help, hearing how you are facing things and getting through. Your words are brilliant, you are a miracle.

Take care


sugarsweet056 said...

So beautifully said!
Much love to you my friend, & prayers daily.
Don't know if you're aware my main journal & prayer journal both went private awhile back. If you want to be a reader of either, just email me.

gosso23 said...

Loved this entry. You have such a wonderful family.
What a beautiful picture of you. You look gorgeous!!!
Take care,

toonguykc said...

I'm a point right this hour of wanting to give up....and I feel crappy about feeling that way because I'm not facing the challenges so many people are.  Double crappy.

Have you ever seen the "Free Hugs" video.  That one makes me cry every time.


ab45yui said...

Loved your Post today, and I read Randy's speech some time back and watching his video is a great reminder to each of us on how to live.  What a man What a man What a man What a man, lol.  Thanks for sharing with me.  I will share this with my family.  Not sure if you saw my journal post, but my sister has recently been diagnosed with B-Cell Lymphoma cancer.  We're still waiting on a treatment plan and stage diagnosis and I have a whole lot to learn about it, but we're going to stand in total support.  I am glad you have an equal or greater family support system yourself, you are such a blessing.  God Bless.

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))THats a very nice pic.Have a nice Sunday.

pharmolo said...

Very good entry, Irene, enjoyed reading it :-))

princesssaurora said...

You are an amazing lady... truly.  Keep on fighting... sending prayers...

be well,

lovelyheather78 said...

Gosh did you hit a lot of points that I believe many readers will most definately relate to.

And you're so beautiful.  There truly ARE NO WORDS to describe your beauty.  Honest and true, you are absolutely beautiful in every sense of the word in every way that you can possibly positively describe beauty.  That is you.

I love you and miss you dearly my friend.
Sorry we've played a bit of phone tag.
Call when you're available.
I love that photo of you.  

Holding your hand always and forever,

qtcandlechic said...

My friend, my inspiration, an angel from above............all of those words describe you!  Your strength, passion, and persistence continue to amaze me.  You have so many more chapters to complete.  I look forward to our next venture together!  Hope today was a good and sunny day!

Miss and love you!

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

What a wonderful entry...I am praying for you and hope you have a good week...Praying for strength and endurance!  Hugs,TerryAnn