Wednesday, February 13, 2008


From 10:00 am to about 3:30 pm I drove back and forth between blood work, my oncologist and cardiologist.  When I came back home I napped for a little while.  Mom called me for dinner around 7:00 pm. I woke with a brutal headache and after eating yummy enchiladas my tummy decided it really wasn't all that tasty.  I'm drinking my tea.  I've taken all the meds I can.  I know it could be far worse, but I'm not too happy and feeling a little blue.


Sorry it's short.  I'm about through with today.  I love y'all.

Happy Birthday Michelle!  I miss and love you!!!!!!!!

Please say prayers for Mary Nell and family and for my Michelle too.

Please say prayers for: Dawn Brown*Sherry and family*Chris Read *Nathan *Cassie and family*Ms Dawn *Cathy's dad, Bill and her mom, Pam*Lisa and her family *Ms Bobby * Mr. Russo*Ms Pammy *Cindy*Tammy*Momma Joyce*MsMargie*Krissy's husband,John*Trish*Sugar*Mr. Carey and his wife, Irene*Jay Carey and his family.*Frances and her son, Matthew. 

If this is your first time readingmy journal, PLEASE go back to my first entryon 11-15-06 to read about the title, MEET ME AT THE BREAKFAST TABLE!! Thanks!


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Keeping all in prayer..I do hope you get to feeling better soon...keep up the fight Hugs,TerryAnn

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))I am praying that you feel better soon.

madcobug said...

That was a lot of running around for you to do. God bless and continue to be with and uphold you. Helen

jasonzavoda said...

How to get out of the blues? I keep stumbling into them myself. For me I run into them when I feel like there isn't any way forward and that there is nothing I can do, and it takes a lot of the good out of life. But then I realize, sometimes slowly, sometimes only after waking up having gone to bed with the blues, that I'm stalled in the blues for a reason. Some part of myself is working through something and it needs time. The world seems down and blah because so much of my energy and creativity is directed elsewhere and being used by a part of myself that I don't think much about (but a part that is always working to solve problems for me). For me, just knowing that the blues are where are should be, how I should be feeling right then, makes it easier to get through them, helps to make them go away.

Take care of yourself


pharmolo said...

Sorry to hear Wednesday was not so good after all. Hope today is better - happy Valentine's :-)

qtcandlechic said...

Thank you my friend!  Happy Valetine's Day.......hope it is a much better day!!!!!  

Love and miss you!!!

princesssaurora said...

Happy Valentine's Day... sending you gentle hugs... and prayers.

be well,